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Answers to the main contents of the question are brought together as follows.
when you have other questions , please contact us via e-mail or inquiry form.

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About our gallery
Please access below URL to know Oida-Art.
About Our Gallery

How can I purchase items ?
If you find art pieces you would like to purchase, please contact us via e-mail or fax for more information regarding price and condition.

Please inform of artist name , work name and your name.
If possible , please inform of your address(including your country) , telephone number and e-mail address.
After receiving your information , we will contact you by e-mail within a few days to confirm your order.

When you have enough information on the art pieces, please order us them via e-mail or fax.

QR code for LINE
You can ask us about your question by using LINE.

What is the condition of art piece or its frame ?
If you want more information on the art piecese, please contact us via e-mail , inquiry form or fax
By the way, it is also possible to send a detailed photographic image in the state of the work with mail.
Payment method
We accept credit card payments and bank transfer.
We ask that payments for purchases are completed in advance.

1. We accept VISA, MASTER and so on. 2. Bank Transfer
We also accept payments via Wire Transfers.
Remittance charges shall be borne by remitters.
We inform you of Wire Transfer Particulars after the confirmation of your order.
Shipping cost
1. Domestic Delivery
As for delivery in Japan, the shipping cost is paid at our gallery. The item will be delivered by the carrier of our specification or in some cases delivered by our staff.

2. Overseas Delivery
If the item is to be shipped abroad, we will give you the quotation for the total amount including shipping cost .
The shipping cost is not included in the price of work(s) you ordered.
The shipping cost is necessary separately.
The shipping cost includes the actual shipping and handling cost. Custom fees and taxes are not included.
Please kindly bear the bank remitting charges concerned with yourself.

It's usually shipped off by using EMS. EMS limits in size. The work(s) of size over are usually shipped off by using Hubnet EXPRESS.
You can track the shipped item on EMS (JAPAN POST) and Hubnet EXPRESS website with the tracking number of the parcel.
Can I see artworks actually ?
Yes, you can see them at our gallery. When you want to see, please contact us in advance.
Or, when you want to see them at your home , in some cases , you bear our traveling expenses.

Can I sell artworks ?
YES. We buy antiquarian books and paintings, modern Japanese style and Western style paintings, tools of tea ceremony, and so on. Valuation for those is all free, so feel free to contact us.