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apply evaluation
If you want to get artworks evaluated , please use this inquiry form.
(An assessment is free.)

input informaitionchecking input informationtransmission complete
Please input informations you know about the items as much as possible.
You have to input information of "※" mark.
Please input informations you know about the items as much as possible.
QR code for LINE
You can ask by using QR code for LINE.

Customer information
Artist name   
Work name   
Item's size About sizes(Japanese)
height   cm 
width  cm
Condition of item
Condition of frame
Production year  
Signatures or not
Attaching images

(Please attach images of work if possible.)

The extension you can attach is limited to ".jpg" or ".gif"。
※Image size per one image you can attach is limited under 2MB.
※Please attach the whole image of a item and the image of signature part if possible.

About method of attaching images , please click here(in Japanese)
customer information
Your full name※ First name    Surname  
ex.)Hanako Oida
Sex Male  Female
Phone number※
Please fill in the number that communication is possible in the daytime.
E-mail address※
Contact method E-mail  Telephone  Either is ok
Zip code  ― 
ex.)999 9999
City and Street address  
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Detail of the inquiry
(※If you consider to purchase , it would br appreciated if you could tell us your budget.)
* The acquisition of the personal information and use purpose *
We don not disclose your personal information to third parties.